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Be Dog Wise is passionate about everything dog, and we want to make it accessible and enjoyable for you to get your dog fix. So, when you're cooking dinner, driving to work, running errands or walking the dog, why not give our dogcast a listen. A podcast all about dogs!

dog podcast, walking the dog

Founder of Be Dog Wise, Rikki, has partnered with Eryn from Believe in Magic Dog Training and Behaviour to bring you an exciting new Podcast - Meet The Bewitching Bitches: Get Dog Wise.

Now I love a dog blog, of course, I do. But my new passion, aside from howling along to songs a decade old on the stereo, is listening to podcasts. Eryn and I have teamed up to explore everything from why your dog humps, why my dog barks to how to train a deaf dog. Tune in wherever you get your pods, and do please let us know what you think.

Available on Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, and all good pod spots. 

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