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When we seek to understand our dogs, beautiful things happen.
Meet your dog's needs, everything will be a breeze.

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Hi, I'm Rikki.


I set up Be Dog Wise to provide easily digestible information to help dog lovers to better understand their dogs. A life long dog lover and owner, I began professional dog walking in 2014. Since entering the industry I have learned soooooo much and so much of what I have learned so far I had absolutely no concept of before.


And so, I want to empower owners to understand their dogs, to feel more confident in advocating for them and to explore topics and subjects which you may not have given much thought to in the past. 

I am beyond passionate about dog welfare and inspiring owners. I want to share information that will help you to ensure your dog's welfare, comfort and happiness is achievable, equipping you with the knowledge to give them the very best in life. 

We all want our dog's to be happy, healthy, stimulated and in good hands whether they're with us or if we need someone else to help with their care.

Check out the blogs to get started or subscribe to be kept up to date!

Love and Woofs,



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