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5 Simple Steps to Protect your Pooch from Dog Theft.

It's scary but it it's true. Dog Theft is unfortunately on the rise and with perpetrator's rarely being prosecuted there isn't much of a deterrent at present. So we've put together 5 simple steps that YOU can take to help protect you dog from the despicable crime.

With 60 dogs a week being stolen those percentages add up to some pretty horrific statistics. So what can you do to feel more empowered when it comes to your dogs safety?

In addition to the above steps, if you can afford to then consider installing visible CCTV, an alarm system and secure locks to garden gates.

Throughout our campaign to raise awareness of dog theft it's been raised a few times by people that the focus should lie with the individuals carrying out these heinous crimes. In an ideal world the criminals would be deterred by the threat of punishment, they would see prosecutions with tough sentencing which would make them think twice.

The reality though, at least at the moment, is that in the eyes of the law your dog is seen as property despite being a sentient being. This means someone stealing your dog is treated in much the same way as someone pinching your purse or your mobile phone.

Let's think about that for a second. If you left your phone outside the shop on the pavement or your purse on your dashboard would you feel that you'd done all you could to protect your belongings? Simple rule for each and every one of us going forwards is to think of your dog like a wad of cash. Would you leave £1000 outside the shop whilst you popped in for some milk? Or on the passenger seat of your car?

Our dogs are worth so much more than money to us. They are family. They are what makes you smile and give you comfort during some of the toughest times. They are vulnerable. They need your voice, your wisdom and your protection.

To the networks of dog thieves working across the country your dog is like a wad of cash waiting to be stolen. Whether they steal your dog to sell on, for breeding, for ransom or for dog fighting, they don't see anything more than a great big wad of money when they see your pooch.

Be Dog Wise and pledge to never leave your dog unattended outside your home.

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