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10 Dog Friendly Shops you can visit with your dog

Updated: May 19, 2021

Us dog lovers dream of being able to take our dogs with us everywhere... well, maybe not everywhere but we love them to be by our sides as much as possible!

As part of Be Dog Wise's commitment to Dog Theft Awareness, we are hoping to highlight the risks associated with leaving your dog tied up outside shops, schools or left unattended in cars. Dog theft is a rising issue across the UK and one we hope to make a bit of a difference to. We are hoping to alert owners to the risks and to hopefully have them reconsider leaving their dogs outside.

John Lewis is now dog friendly!

There are a number of high street stores and small local businesses who are happy to welcome in our four legged friends if you need that retail fix with your dog in tow.

Here are some of our favourite big names who are happy to welcome well behaved dogs into their stores;

1. Waterstones

2. John Lewis Stores

3. Cath Kidston

4. Apple Stores

5. White Stuff

6. Metrobank

7. LUSH Cosmetics (May be pretty overpowering smell wise for your pooch so do keep an eye on how comfortable they are in here!)

8. Oliver Bonas

9. Gap

And of course......... Number 10. Pets At Home

The most common places to see dogs left unattended are outside local shops such as newsagents and local supermarkets and outside schools. The more people who are aware of the risks, the less we will see dogs put at avoidable risk, so go on, give this a share and help us reach more dog lovers.

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