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Ten books to buy the dog lover in your life

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a new puppy owner or a dog enthusiast, there are an abundance of books for dog lovers which are pawfect to snuggle up with on a lazy Sunday afternoon or of an evening.

Here is a round up of ten books which would make the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life.

Christmas at Battersea

A lovely festive gift, this book shares real life stories of dogs and cats and the impact of welcoming them into the lives of their new owners.

The volunteers and staff at Battersea Dogs and Cats home never stop, even on Christmas Day they are of course there to love and care for animals in need.

Enjoy the heartwarming tales of the people and pets that meet at Battersea in this book that is an absolute page turner from start to finish.

The Rescue Dog Rangers Road Map

This book is a brilliant buy for anyone who has welcomed a rescue dog into their lives. Written by Suzanne Gould from Edinburgh Holistic Dogs who is a dog trainer and Rescue Dog Ranger!

Suzanne specialises in helping nervous rescue pups and their owners to find calm at a time of change and difficulty in their lives, moving you towards the life you envision together. Written in a conversational style this is a great read bursting with useful information and stories to help both prospective rescue owners and owners who have adopted a pup already.

Brain games for dogs by Claire Arrowsmith

I love playing games with Poppy and doing mini training sessions and this book is full of ideas to help you bond with your dog.

It has easy games through to more difficult and each one has a little graphic showing you how much you and your pup will be tested with every activity.

This is a great book for anyone who wants to increase their bond with their dog and find fun games to play with them.

Time Out Country Walks near London

I'm a huge advocate for exploring new places with your dog. Say goodbye to boring walks around the same places every weekend and with this book you will find ample new places to explore near London with your dog.

This book is great because all of the places included are accessible by public transport so it makes it simple for people without a car to explore the countryside too.

If you're travelling by car then you'll need to adapt the routes as most start in one location and end in another - but read on for a book full of wonderful circular walks which may be a better fit.

Surrey Outstanding Circular Walks (pathfinder guides)

This book gives you 28 circular walks in Surrey to try with varying difficulties. From 3 miles to 11 miles long routes there is something for everyone.

An easy leaf through guide for you to pick your weekend adventure with your dog from I think this is a fantastic gift for dog lovers and walking enthusiasts alike.

Listen to me by Tricia Hollingshead

I love this book. Tricia Hollingshead is a behaviourist who delves deep into canine communication in this book in an easy to read format, helping you to better understand your dog.

Full of pictures and short chapters which explores everything from affection through to interactions with unfamiliar dogs. It really is a great book for any dog owner to have on their bookshelf within easy reach.

A book that every dog owner can benefit from and enjoy.

Hairy Maclary children's books by Lynley Dodd

I can't forget the kid's in this round-up of books for dog lovers. My children utterly adore all of the Hairy Maclary stories, we can't see a dalmation without exclaiming 'Bottomly Potts, covered in spots' or a sighthound without smiling and saying 'Bitzer Maloney all skinny and Boney'!

There are lots of Hairy Maclary stories and they're all brilliant. Schnitzel von Krumm the sausage dog with the very low tum is a particular fav in our house. But you cannot go wrong with these lovely, rhymey stories full of pups and their adventures together. These are some of the few books that I am happy to read over and over, night after night!

Poppy the street dog by Michelle Clark

I'll include the caveat that I have not read this one but it's certainly on my Christmas list. A true story about a staffie named Poppy who took author Michelle on a journey which transformed her life.

This book has wonderful reviews and shines a light on the plight of people and their dogs experiencing homelessness and how this special dog helped bring hope. Michelle Clark is the founder of charity Dogs on The Streets and this is her story.

All about the dog - A Battersea Dogs Home colouring book

Colouring is not just for kids; it's a great way to unwind and relax. With illustrations of 35 dog breeds this is a fabulous gift for dog lovers young and old. It includes facts about each breed and supports a well known charity in their quest to help dogs and cats find loving forever homes.

Smoky by Jacky Donovan

How a tiny Yorkshire Terrier became a World War II American Army hero, therapy dog and Hollywood Star.

I am currently reading this lovely little book about a 4lb yorkie who was simply incredible. It's a very light and easy read, written from Smoky's point of view about her amazing life.

I recently learned the astounding story of this little dog who helped save lives of soldiers by running through a tunnel to lay communication lines, who entertained them with tricks and soothed them when wounded in hospital.

It's a simple read which is full of wonder and joy for the inspirational characteristic of our four legged friends and how they transform our lives.

Bothy the Polar Dog By Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Last on my list is the next dog book on my bedside, all about the amazing Bothy who travelled to the North and South Poles with Ranulph and Giny Fiennes in the 80's.

This is the story of a dog who joined his explorer owners on a three year expedition around the globe. Facing arctic wolves, penguins and a whole lot more, I am told it is an incredible story which will evoke laughter, frustration, and astonishment.

There are so many great reads with dogs at their heart. I'd love to hear your all time favourites. Please drop them in the comments so I can expand my ever growing library of dog themed reads!

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